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Providing foot care treatment and advice in and around the Thirsk area‭, ‬all in the comfort of your own home‭. ‬Qualified to diagnose‭, ‬identify and treat a wide variety of foot conditions‭.‬

Foot Health Practice is the modern approach in the treatment of corns‭, ‬callus‭, ‬fungal nail‭, ‬in-grown toenails and other everyday‭ ‬foot related ailments‭.‬

Products and Services

Domiciliary Foot Care
Treatment & Advice

£21 – £30 

Assessment, treatment and advice for corns, callus/hard skin removal, fungal nail, ingrowing toenails/toenail trimming, cracked heels, athletes foot, verrucae, diabetic foot care, footwear and everyday foot-related ailments.

For enquiries and availability, please contact me.

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Lorna Gascoigne Foot Health Practitioner

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Qualified and accredited Foot Health Practitioner with DBS (CRB) and insurance

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